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Kolomoki Mounds Historic State Park

The Temple Mound at Kolomoki.

Kolomoki Mounds is a 1,239-acre historic park located just north of Blakely on U.S. Highway 27. Occupied by the Swift Creek and Weeden Island Indians (Woodland Indians) from 250-950 A.D, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources classifies the park as, "The oldest and largest Woodland Indian site in the southeastern United States."

The park is comprised of a great temple mound, which is 57 feet in height, two burial mounds, and other ceremonial mounds scattered throughout. Research into the construction of the mounds, as well as their exact placement throughout the park, has shown that they align with important astronomical events such as the spring equinox and summer solstice.

While Kolomoki Mounds is known throughout the southeast for its rich cultural history, it is also known as the site of Georgia's greatest historical artifact theft. During the night in March 1974, a theft occurred at the museum located on the park grounds and 129 artifacts were stolen. Over the years, part of the collection has been recovered from different sources in Florida and Pennsylvania. Those artifacts have been returned to the museum, however much of collection still remains missing.

Classified as a state park in 1938, Kolomoki Mounds has many outdoor activities for individuals and families alike. A popular area for camping, visitors can fish or boat in Lake Yahola and Lake Kolomoki, hike scenic trails, and children can enjoy a playground and miniature golf area.

Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge

The Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge is perhaps one of Early County's most historical and well-preserved nineteenth century landmarks. Built in 1891 at the tune of $490.41, the Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge, located 10 miles southwest of Blakely, is the southernmost covered bridge within the United States.

After decades of frequent crossings, the bridge was no longer used and fell into disrepair. In order to preserve the bridge and to ensure it would last for many more years to come, a renovation of the bridge was conducted and completed in the mid-1980s. A series of small waterfalls lie off to the west of the bridge and set the stage for an exciting and breathtaking photo opportunity.  Today, the bridge remains a valuable piece of Early County history and the adjacent park makes a wonderful spot to enjoy an afternoon picnic.

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