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Community Support in Blakely

It goes without saying that an institution like the Chamber cannot function without the support of its community. Whether it be from the generous contributions of our city and county, or volunteerism from private citizens, the importance of volunteerism is inestimable. We are very thankful for those who spend their time, money, and energy to ensure that Blakely and Early County can continue to thrive, but we always know that we can do more.

There have been many people who have noted that there has been a decrease in a sense of civic responsibility in our nation, and while this can be seen everywhere to a certain extent, we are very fortunate to have a number of citizens in Blakely and Early County that want to see our region continue to grow and thrive. That is not to say that we don’t have plenty of work to do. It is important when dealing with civic matters that we all cast aside any personal squabbles in order to focus on the singular goal of improving our town and county. These differences between parties are often some of the toughest hurdles to jump when promoting community development, but if they can be overcome great things can be done.

Volunteerism is the force that drives the Blakely-Early County Chamber of Commerce. All of our board members work on a voluntary basis to make sure that the Chamber continues to move in the right direction. It probably goes without saying, that without the hard work of these good people, we would not be able to function.

We can only hope that the spirit of community involvement and civic responsibility will continue in Blakely and Early County, because when we all work together, everyone wins.


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